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Monte Carlo cake – for meringue lovers

When I took my final exam in pastry school I wanted to impress with a cake that had a lot of textures and techniques so I chose Monte Carlo Cake. It requires a lot of time and prep but if you love meringue, almonds and apricots this is your cake to make. And on top...

Pumpkin pie

Never have I ever been a fan of pumpkin. I have no clue why but, last week, my husband told me that he had two recipes with which he used to impress women with. One was risotto and the other one is pumpkin pie. I was a bit disappointed that I only tried the risotto...

Upside down apple cake

I’ve eaten apples in so many ways I can’t even count anymore but I will try to put down as many recipes as I remember. One of the easiest and fastest ones is the upside down one – not just as a method but the ingredients are most of the time in the house so...

Banoffee pie with dulce de leche

For the lovers of decadent sweets who do not like chocolate, banoffee pie was invented. It’s the best description for this tart. How much your soul hurts when you eat it thinking about how many calories are in a teaspoon that is how many cheers you would hear if you would pay enough attention to...