Hey! I’m Andreea and I am fortunate enough to do what I love for a living: giving people a purpose – like going to a gym or have a run because it is not healthy to have sweets every day… Or go shopping more often because eating sweets will shrink dresses.

Seriously now, I am a reformed marketer. I realized that I love baking when I was making more cakes than marketing campaigns (for which I was payed) so I decided to leave mass-media and start it new. I went to Pastry school and started to work and learn more about the sweet business and I did so in Romania, UK and The Netherlands.

As cooking professionally is not in the books anymore due to the times we live in, I decided to start writing down recipes and, maybe, teach some of you how to make some nice desserts.

Long story short – I am a Pastry Chef and I love sugarcoating your diet on a daily basis.